JUNKIE BRUSH - Songs for the Angry Pacifist

  1. Paranoid Song (hi-res mp3)
  2. Small Mercies (hi-res mp3)
  3. Character Assassination (hi-res mp3)
  4. Monkey Grinder (hi-res mp3)
  5. Room 17 (hi-res mp3)
  6. A Certain Kind of Madness (hi-res mp3)
  7. Primal Therapy (hi-res mp3)
  8. Problem-Reaction-solution (hi-res mp3)
  9. Don't Say No (hi-res mp3)

Catalogue number: RGR003

Released: October 2004

Recorded and mixed by German Boy, produced by Junkie Brush

Recorded in at a secret military location, August-October 2004

Rabid - bass, vocals / Shark - drums / Big Tim - guitars, vocals

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